François Halard


There are so many things I love about FRANÇOIS HALARD’S new book–the beauty, the history, the patina of a life well-lived. François is not just a photographer, but an incredible storyteller and I imagine most creative people will be enamored with its treasure trove of photographic inspiration as well as the story of how François became the François whose images we drool over again and again.

Considering that François started his career taking pictures of Yves Saint Laurent’s apartment, which for many of us would be the culmination of a successful career, François continues to up his game photographing many of the world’s most celebrated landmarks, artists, designers and society and their encompassing stories.

I’m a fan of Andrea Palladio and one of his masterpieces is Villa Foscari (or La Malcontenta), so I was thrilled to finally see François images of the historic landmark. Restored by Antonio Foscari and his family, La Malcontenta features an Italian fresco by Giovanni Battista Zelotti juxtaposed with a modern sculpture by Zaha Hadid and François captured the Viennese mood and light brilliantly.






Editor’s Note: This is not a sponsored post. However, images used with kind permission of Rizzoli and François Halard.

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