The Illustrator: Cecilia Carlstedt

CECILIA CARLSTEDT is a fashion illustrator from Stockholm and one of my absolute favorite illustrators. Cecilia has been commissioned by such venerable brands as Bloomingdales, H + M, La Perla, MTV, Swarovski, VH1 and even illustrated Victoria Beckham’s book That Extra Half an Inch. So, of course I was over the moon and deeply honored when Cecilia granted me permission to use one of her illustrations for my scripted series, Magnolia Girls.

For those of you who may not be familiar with an illustrator’s process, Cecilia works in mixed media using pencils, inks and watercolors in unique blends and color combinations while also incorporating modern techniques like photography and photoshop to create fashion forward images that are full of energy and reality.

I’m always curious about how artists get inspired and Cecilia has said that her inspiration can come from anywhere—an unusual color combination, someone’s face, a book, a magazine editorial, walking through an art gallery and even from surfing the Internet. I believe that Cecilia’s portfolio is beyond special and should be made into a coffee table book pronto! I know that I would be first in line to buy a copy.

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