Mylen Fe Yamamoto

mylen fe

MYLEN FE YAMAMOTO is an innovator and businesswoman who understands the importance of doing unto others. As CEO of CliqueNow, Hawaii’s first new media creative agency, Mylen Fe not only strives to produce award-winning media content for top clients, but to inspire and give back to society as much as possible.


My local high school band director taught me this, “Be a good person first.” In every project I do, I reflect on this takeaway. When focusing on only being a good career person, society can only benefit in that one career aspect. But when we focus on being good people, then there are many other ways to benefit society in addition to our career. That mentality has been my foundation. Then to build on top of it, be good at what you do. Finally, be good to those that help you along the way.



Website: www.clique-now.com
Twitter: @mylenfe

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