Design Guides 3.0

dg9 vervoordtAxel Vervoordt: Living With Light

Here are the design guides inspiring me right now. The search for a new place in DC has slowed a bit, but I’m still creating ideas in my head about which design direction we’ll pursue. These design guides offer a visual feast from a diverse group of tastemakers and are filled with cool ideas and updates for everyone’s home.

dg1 gambrelSteven Gambrel: Time and Place
featured April 2013

dg2 hamptonAlexa Hampton: Decorating in Detail
featured September 2013

dg4 mccaffetyKerri McCaffety: New Orleans New Elegance
featured May 2012

dg6 mahdaviIndia Mahdavi: Decorating with Style
featured June 2013

dg7 pereraKishani Perera: Vintage Remix
featured January 2013

dg5 dsillsStephen Sills: Decoration

dg3 pheasantThomas Pheasant: Simply Serene
featured October 2013

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