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Before Kate Middleton married Prince William, her father Michael Middleton had to apply for a Middleton family Coat of Arms so that upon marriage Kate’s family crest could be joined with William’s. Their joint Coat of Arms shows William’s family crest on the left and Kate’s on the right. It’s supported by a lion and white hind and is surmounted by The Duke of Cambridge Coronet at the top.

No longer designated just for royalty, couples are creating custom heraldry as a symbol of their love and lives together considering their birth places, mothers’ maiden names, siblings, hobbies, family history, wedding location and traditional symbols like gold, lions, and unicorns borrowed from royal crests. Once designed the Coat of Arms can be framed, or printed on wedding invitations and stationery, or stamped on dinner plates and linen napkins as family heirlooms.

If you want to create a symbol of your family history, here are two great options:

crest sarah drake

SARAH DRAKE DESIGNS offers a more traditional or formal custom crest.

crests happy menocalIllustrator HAPPY MENOCAL creates more whimsical or artistic custom crests.

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