Sneaker Nation

gisele vogue parisThere was a time when fashion insiders turned their noses up at working women who wore sneakers during their daily commute:

So déclassé!  Never, EVER compromise fashion for comfort!

But now that they’ve officially declared an everyday must-have the most coveted IT item of 2014, every fashion blogger and editor from New York to Timbuktu has been selling us on the chic-ness of $500 designer sneakers. Talk about hypocritical! And, please, don’t get me started on how fashion bloggers and editors treated the Adidas relaunch of Stan Smith’s. Yes, I owned a pair back in the day too, but to treat the relaunch like the second coming was a bit much even for a fashion diehard like me.

Photo of Gisele courtesy of Vogue Paris

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