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windsor smith homefrontWINDSOR SMITH is one of those interior decorators that’s hard to define, yet her knowledge of history, travel, and our ever-changing lifestyles allow her to create rooms that are, in a word: balanced. Never too much of one era, Windsor’s concepts for modern living always enhance the architecture of the home and the lives of the families that live in them.

In reading Windsor’s new book HOMEFRONT, I loved her willingness to name-check tastemakers who inspired her like Coco Chanel, Slim Keith, Diana Vreeland, and Elsie de Wolfe which caused me to study her designs more closely to see their influence. I also loved Windsor’s ability to define her client’s stories in the way she decorated for them. Its clear she does not force her aesthetic on them, but rather digs deep into their psyche to help them realize their dreams. As Windsor says so rightly, “everyone has an individual and unique story, whether we are single, part of a couple, or have a growing family, and our homes should reflect that.”

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Editor’s Note: An advanced copy of Windsor Smith Homefront was provided by Rizzoli USA for this review.

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