An Invitation To The White House


An invitation to the White House is always a special moment. Nerve-wracking, but definitely a pinch yourself special moment. Walking through the rooms filled with so much history, imagining all the great Americans who have walked the same floors, and gazing at the extraordinary portraits of former presidents and first ladies is…quite simply…magical. Imagine if you got to live there…

One of the honors of being first lady is that MICHELLE OBAMA is tasked with reigning over the various events held daily and maintaining the beauty of the People’s House, so when I heard that she had unveiled a $600,000 renovation of the WHITE HOUSE STATE DINING ROOM, I had to share images with my fellow design junkies. I also included one of the dining room the day the Obamas moved in. Interestingly, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was responsible for that renovation in 1998.

white-house-state-dining-room2white-house-state-dining-room3white-house-state-dining-room4white-house-state-dining-room clintonThe White House State Dining Room renovated by Hillary Clinton.

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