Mario Testino’s Towel Series

testino-anna-wintourTowel Series No. 82

Getting someone to undress and photographed without hair and makeup is no easy feat because we all know that a camera’s lens tells no lies. That’s one of the reasons why I’m fascinated by the Towel Series that MARIO TESTINO posts on his Instagram. Diverse personalities are featured in various states of undress, wrapped in a towel, and captured beautifully by Mario’s eye.

testino-odell-beckhamTowel Series No. 86
ODELL BECKHAM, JRtestino-rosie-huntington-whitleyTOWEL SERIES No.75
ROSIE HUNTINGTON WHITELEYtestino-jordan-dunnTowel Series No. 58
JOURDAN DUNNtestino-fei-fei-sunTowel Series No. 49
FEI FEI SUNtestino-malika-firthTowel Series No. 13

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