Creaky Southern Goodness

So, what do you think of this creaky Southern goodness?

Fooled you! It’s not Southern! But doesn’t it remind you of those old, creaky houses in the South that make you feel warm and cozy this time of year? This beauty is actually shop owner JOHN DERIAN’S apartment in New York’s East Village. Built in the 1850s, there’s a history to the space that JOHN insisted on keeping when the former factory became available and he decided to turn it into his urban hideaway.

It’s 100% not my style, but I LOVE it! Let’s take a tour…

WHAT I LOVE: In the kitchen, the beat up farmer’s sink + brass faucet + vintage art.

WHAT I LOVE: In a nook, a vintage cabinet + loveseat + Robert Ogden lighting.

WHAT I LOVE: In the living room, white wood floors + ceiling + classic furnishings.

WHAT I LOVE: In the bathroom, vintage art + white subway tiles + brass fixtures.

WHAT I LOVE: In the bedroom, wood plank floors + crystal chandelier + natural linen bedding.

WHAT I LOVE: In the bedroom, colorful throw rugs + tripod wood + metal table.

WHAT I LOVE: In a corner, a catch-all table with found objects + office supplies.

Photos: Abranowicz/T Magazine

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