Artificial Intelligence

Will Smith’s 2004 movie I Robot was not a critic’s choice, but I appreciated it for forcing me to think about a concept that we are closer too now than ever before and that’s life with robots, self-driving cars, virtual assistants and self-healing medicine. These technologies are slowly being introduced to us, but make no mistake they all exist now, so are you ready for the fourth revolution? Think about it, ten years ago, could you imagine drones, apps that guide our daily existence, virtual reality headsets, or even our ability to watch a movie on our phones?

While the creative arts and service industries will remain, they will be transformed by technology too and talent will determine who succeeds, so make sure you’re prepared for the revolution that’s knocking on our door. I’m excited to see how artificial intelligence will impact art, music, fashion, food, home life and travel. It should be a fun ride.

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