March Mood

Welcome to MARCH — a month with tiny sightings of Spring and excitement for new beginnings 2.0. This month, I’m inspired by color combinations like white (to celebrate Women’s History Month) and green with a touch of black thrown in for grounding. Speaking of women’s history, take a moment and study GEORGIA O’KEEFFE’S $44 million masterpiece — Jimson Weed/White Flower No. 1 — the world’s most expensive painting ever sold by a woman. And since I promised you more jazz this year, let’s celebrate one of the best female jazz singers NANCY WILSON and take a listen to her song: Grass is Greener (click the link below).

Jimson Weed/White Flower No.1, 1932
oil on linen

Rosie Assoulin Nancy Wilson Songbook
Listen To: Grass Is GreenerMeg Braff

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