Elizabeth Peyton Portraits

Contemporary artist ELIZABETH PEYTON is known for her figurative portraits of friends, family and cultural icons. ELIZABETH paints people she admires or finds intriguing, anyone from David Bowie to Michelle Obama. Her contemporary works are often described as a hybrid between realism and conceptualism, but ELIZABETH refuses to define her artistic works or label them as one thing or the other instead ELIZABETH refers to her art as an intimate living record of history and time.

Michelle + Sasha Obama 2008

“Sometimes things, even in a very figurative painting, aren’t so literal. Paintings take time and become a concentration of a lot of feelings, not just a description of what somebody looks like.”

David Bowie 2016

“People are just so interesting. They’re the location of so many things: history, time, love. Above all things, love. I would only spend my time making art about something I felt was very, very important, the most important thing. And I think people are really important.”

Kanye West 2010

“I think music is such an immediate way to contain emotion and love. You can’t hold on to it–it’s moving constantly–so it’s tragic as it’s happening. That’s the kind of thing I want to communicate in my pictures.”

Frida Kahlo 2005

“Although my work is not necessarily always about youth, a more general idea of it would be that it’s about becoming, realizing yourself.”

John Lennon 1971

“In the end, my work is all about love. Ultimately, all great art is really about love.”

Jackie + John 2000

“There’s a very specific kind of person that I’m making pictures of. It’s who I’m very interested in and identifying with and sort of see as very hopeful in the world. I see them as great role models.”

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