Eat the Season: Blue Crabs

Whether you get your BLUE CRABS from the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic Ocean, the fact remains that BLUE CRABS are one of the most versatile crustaceans with the ability to take on global flavors, shine in broth- or cream- based soups, or dazzle simply steamed and seasoned with Old Bay. Included in our round up of recipes are our no-fuss crabcakes because so many of you have written to say how much you loved them while a few couldn’t get them quite right. Rest assured, we’ve made the no-fuss crabcakes a zillion times and with a bit of patience and refrigerator time, the crabcakes will turn out perfectly, so trust the process. One word of advice, when preparing these recipes, please avoid canned crab and spend the money on fresh BLUE CRAB — backfin or lump — it doesn’t matter, for an authentic flavor of the sea.

Donald Link’s Jalapeno Crab + Tomato Salad

Galatoire’s Crabmeat Yvonne
(served alone or on top of fish = fantastic!)

Spicy Crab Spaghettini with Preserved Lemons
(add extra crab; always a crowd pleaser)

Soft Shell Crab Sandwich with Collard Slaw
(in season, soft shells are a welcomed treat!)

Tom Douglas’ Dungeness Crab Eggs Benedict
(substitute blue crab and it’s still stellar)
Blue Crabs with Scallion + Ginger Sauce

Thai-style Crab Fried Rice
(better than P F Chang’s version)

Top photo: Washingtonian

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