Baby Foot Peel

So many have written to say how much you like our beauty reviews (thank you!), but you wondered about products we didn’t like and asked that we share those too.

One recent product whose hype we regret falling for is the BABY FOOT EXFOLIANT FOOT PEEL. After hearing all the raves about game-changing feet exfoliation and reading a positive review on Vogue.com, we thought we’d give BABY FOOT a try.

The results: We found the plastic booties hard to keep on and ended up using masking tape and socks to hold them in place for an hour. We had to wear socks (in the summer!) to hide the minor peeling that resulted from the treatment. And after a week or so, our feet were right back where we started. We get regular pedicures, so we’ll concede that may be why we didn’t experience dramatic results, but for now, we’ll stick with a pumice stone and a heavy-duty moisturizer for supersoft feet.

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