Let’s Get Comfy!

EVERLANE Classic French Hoodie + Pants

When the temperatures begin to drop there’s nothing better than lounging around the house in comfy, warm clothes that not only insure you’re not bumming around completely, but look chic enough to pop out to Whole Foods to pick up ingredients for dinner. It was Karl Lagerfeld who once famously said,”Sweatpants are a sign of defeat, you’ve lost control of your life so you bought sweatpants.” Karl took a bit of flack for that statement, and rightly so, but let’s be honest, ladies, do we really want to look disheveled when we can be cute and comfy?

So, we’ve scoured almost everywhere online to find some looks that are a notch above pajamas for every size woman that are guaranteed to be super-comfy and we’re betting even Karl Lagerfeld-approved.

available in plus sizesGOOD AMERICAN Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt
available in regular + plus sizesMAKE + MODEL Lounge Top + Pant
available in regular + similar plus sizes

NORDSTROM Lingerie Wrap Cardigan
available in regular + plus sizesGOOD AMERICAN Horoscope Sweatshirts
available in regular + plus sizes
(OK, ladies…just ignore the fact she’s not wearing pants, the sweatshirt is super-cute)UGG Zip Hoodie + Pant
available in plus sizes

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