Darryl Carter

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DARRYL CARTER creates livable environments. He’s a modernist who draws inspiration from the past and designs interiors with a refined, individual aesthetic. What I appreciate most is the serenity that Darryl brings to the home environment. With a mix of chalky color palettes, re-purposed architectural details and furniture, unique textiles and artwork, Darryl defines a minimalist vibe that is both modern and sophisticated.

Darryl has been featured in Elle Decor and O at Home, but I first saw his work in Metropolitan Home. I practically tore my home office apart this past weekend looking for that March 2001 issue because I wanted to show you how his original Embassy Row home looked compared to now, but I couldn’t find it. Embassy Row is one of my absolute favorite D.C. neighborhoods and Darryl’s Beaux Arts home overlooking Rock Creek Park is truly magnificent. In the most recent incarnation of Darryl’s home in Elle Decor, Darryl has stripped his home almost bare and it truly feels like a calming place to come home.

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Photos: Simon Upton

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