Jean-Michel Basquiat in Decor

Mark Cunningham

What if your furniture is traditional, but you adore abstract paintings?

Are you breaking an interior design rule if you mix styles together?

I believe you should always surround yourself with things that you love, so go for it! I prefer a more modern, minimalist interior, but I also love plein air paintings and I’d mix them together in a heart beat. Check out these diverse interiors that share one common denominator–a love for Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Elle Decor

Elaine Griffin

Architectural Digest

Marie Chantal of Greece

Valentino Garavani

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One Response to “Jean-Michel Basquiat in Decor”

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    Chandra says:
    June 7, 2011 at 1:32 am

    I think mixing traditional with modern or any combination of styles adds a touch of the unexpected to the home decor. I love vintage travel posters, but they don’t necessarily work in a traditional setting, that is, unless I use a traditional element to tie them in like a traditional frame.