A Touch of Zebra

Brian McCarthy

Here’s one design truth you can bank on: Interior designers have an unwavering love for all things Africa.

And if you’re a lover of interior design, you’ve noticed ZEBRA rugs draped to dramatic effect on living room floors, in kitchens and even poolside. Some tastemakers even use zebra skins on bedding, on chairs and powder room walls.

Tracing the origin of ZEBRA was a bit feudal, but maybe it ties back to Osa Johnson’s I Married Adventure and that iconic ZEBRA print on the book cover. Or maybe it’s the exoticism of the African continent that inspires designers to add a touch of ZEBRA to their room designs. Regardless ZEBRA is one design element that is here to stay.

Miles Redd

Antony Todd

Darryl Carter

Dolce & Gabbana

Delphine Krakoff

Nestor Santa Cruz

Todd Romano

Istvan Francer

Roberto Cavalli

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