Color Magic: Black

Rob Southern

On this All Hallows Eve, I thought I would offer some unique design inspiration by way of the most mysterious of colors BLACK. Truth be told, black is always beautiful and the use of black is chic whether in fashion with the little black dress or interiors where black adds a touch of class, modernity and sophistication.

Pantone Black

When combined with metal accents like gold and silver, black symbolizes career success, money, mystery, and refinement. And black has been used throughout the centuries to exemplify strength and power.

Badgley Mischka

In your home, black can be used to anchor a room, or to add depth, presence, or elegance to a space. Experts advise caution when considering black in a children’s room or in large swaths in a kitchen, entry hall or dining room. What I’ve learned over the years is that many interior designers incorporate black into their designs with painted furniture, fabrics, wallpapers, black + white photography or art.

There are a few interior designers who aren’t afraid to go dark or break design rules as these gorgeous interior inspirations prove. So, why not consider the dark side and add a touch of sophisticated black to a room in your home?

UK Home & Garden

Gwyneth Paltrow

Kelly Wearstler

Ilse Crawford

Jenna Lyons

House Beautiful

Miles Redd

Nancy Boszhardt

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