Color Magic: White

Barbara Barry

Since the weather is not cooperating this holiday season, I thought I would create my own white out. Truth be told, white is a very complicated shade of non-color that is most often associated with innocence, cleanliness and purity. But did you know that people who wear white are usually confident, poised and generally very happy? Think about it, who’s more confident, poised and radiantly happy than a blushing bride dressed in white on her wedding day?

However, there continues to be so many myths surrounding the color white. For example, growing up in the South, there was an ongoing debate about whether to wear white after Labor Day and no one wore white shoes except nurses, church ushers and pimps or you risked being banished to fashion purgatory.

Ellen O’Neill

In countries like Greece it’s believed that wearing white to bed guarantees pleasant dreams. And universally it’s acceptable to tell “little white lies” to insure not offending someone. And of course the universal sign for peaceful surrender on the battlefield is the waving of a white flag, although I’ve known a few husbands and wives who’ve waved a white napkin in surrender at home to keep the peace.

John Jacob Zweigelaar

Did you know that there are more shades of white than any other color?

Without even realizing it your home probably has several shades of white throughout. There are cool whites, warm whites and sophisticated whites. Interior designers love to use white to emphasize a crisp environment and often use white to complement metals like gold and silver. White works well in a baby’s nursery, a bathroom or home office. However, to keep an all-white environment from looking to clinical add color accents, greenery from plants and textured fabrics to add depth and warmth.

La Maison Champs Elysées

“Black and white are absolute…expressing the most delicate of vibrations, the most profound tranquility, and an unlimited profundity.” (Shiko Munakata)

Le Sources de Caudalie

“The first of all single colors is white. We shall set down white for the representative of light without which no color can be seen.” (Leonardo Da Vinci)

Shannon Bowers

Sarah Richardson

Karl Lagerfeld

Thad Hayes

Susan Marinello

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