Color Magic: Green

Stephen Sills

Green with envy? Au Contraire! Green symbolizes self-respect, well-being, balance and well…money. But more than anything, green represents growth, nature and life…think about it, after a long winter we get positively giddy when everything turns green again, right?! It’s that sense of renewal that makes us smile with excitement for what’s to come.

Pantone 365

Of course there are varying shades of green on the Pantone scale like #104 in the Stephen Stills design or #363 in the Miles Redd design, but my favorite Pantone color is emerald green as shown above.

The Greenbrier

In Asian cultures, green Jade is sacred and believed to bring positive change and growth to the people that wear it. In interior design, the color green is used to evoke a restful place or is used in rooms that require added energy. Increased energy can be achieved by the use of bold ceramic tiles in a bathroom or by adding a few potted plants to any room.

Mary McDonald

Gideon Mendelson

Kelly Wearstler

Miles Redd

Tory Burch’s Apartment

Kelly Wearstler

The Greenbrier

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