Yolanda Sanchez

Blame It On My Youth, 2009
oil on canvas

I find Cuban-American artist YOLANDA SANCHEZ’S art very emotional and I love the movement and color as well. I love an artist’s back story and Yolanda’s is very interesting because she obtained a PhD in Clinical Psychology before attending Yale’s School of Art.

Little Miracle, 2011
0il on canvas

Yolanda says that her art “seeks to reach below the surface of things to find a connection with life–a deeper experience of the present.” So, she encourages us, as only a psychologist can, to contemplate the multiple meanings of each work.

Modern Romance, 2010
oil on canvas

Yolanda’s art is deeply tied to her spiritual life and the emotions that affect her interior life, so in her current series she explores the concept of gardens as a metaphor which I find fascinating.

Zahra, 2010
oil on canvas

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