Transforming the Mistake

Ballerina Secret, 2011

Georgianne Fastaia is an artist that I’ve been fascinated with for some time. Georgianne is completely self-taught and actually started painting seriously in 2001. Her artistic philosophy is that what you discard or cover up in a painting is just as important as what remains visible.

In The Wings, 2011

And because Georgianne believes in transforming mistakes, she often re-uses old paintings and intentionally damages the surfaces to reflect a more authentic ideal of what she considers beautiful. She admits that this way of working can be unpredictable, but it forces her to adapt as the painting evolves and that keeps things fluid and creatively interesting.

Three Dancers, 2011

Most of Georgianne’s storytelling is based on abstract concepts of impermanence, decay and fragility, but in the hope of creating “beyond Degas”, she has started a popular series called Ballerina Girl and I’ve featured several from that series here along with a few favorites from Georgianne’s most recent collection.

Father and Child, 2011

Girl In Boots, 2011

Twilight, 2011

Woman Carrying A Bundle, 2011

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All images © 2011 Georgianne Fastaia

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