In Cape Town: African Penguins

J’adore, CAPE TOWN. I’m using a little French here because the gorgeous-gorgeous CAPE TOWN deserves a little somethin’-somethin’ extra, and it’s Friday, so what the hay? For years, I’ve been trying to get to CAPE TOWN faster (17 hours is just too long) and I’m always looking for an excuse to go back.

I told you about my drive down the Cape Peninsula and, while I showed you one photo, I forgot to tell you about my journey to BOULDER’S BEACH.

More importantly, I didn’t tell you about the cutest little dudes on the planet, the African Penguins, who happen to make their home on BOULDER’S.

Animated and photogenic, the penguins draw hundreds each day to gawk and fawn over them. Trust, they soak it up just like this little guy who I convinced to pose for a photo. You didn’t know that I was the penguin whisperer did you?

To get to BOULDER’S, you walk through a residential neighborhood to a protected beach on False Bay surrounded by granite boulders. By day, the penguins waddle, swim, fish for and eat anchovies and calamari, and they bathe in the sun. At night, they chill.

My little friend? I named him Henry and I kinda sorta stalked him the entire time I was on the beach. So…

Henry tried to shake me in a crowd of look-a-likes.

Henry begged other tourists to adopt him.

Henry preened and washed up before….

…taking an afternoon siesta with his lady.
Woman to woman, she let me know that I was not welcome.
Happy Friday, Y’all!

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