Going Solo

I’ve seen ERIC KLINENBERG on several talk shows and was fascinated by his new book about a new “norm” in American society that about one quarter of all people live alone happily without regret or embarrassment. Gone are the days of terms like “old maids” and “spinsters” since the majority of those living alone are women due to their increasing independence, economic security, and preference for marrying later in life.

In Going Solo, Eric makes the case that living alone no longer carries the stigma that it once did and that living alone is considered a luxury and lifestyle choice for many Americans today.

Of course, I don’t live alone because I’m married, but I have friends who are single, divorced, or living with a companion they don’t plan to marry, so it’s fascinating to learn that they are apart of a growing trend.

In fact, more than 50 million Americans are thriving and productive citizens despite the conventional wisdom and stereotypes that once existed about being single past a certain age.

So, no worries if you’re a single lady (or man) because living alone is the new normal!

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