Shirley MacLaine on Marriage

I’d been planning my upcoming wedding anniversary and reflecting on all that we’ve shared and been through over the years when I read this in the November issue of Elle and I’m still laughing…

“I stayed married for 30 years so I wouldn’t marry my lovers. That was my strategy. I like the marriage I had. He was my best friend. He didn’t complain. I didn’t complain about what he was doing. How can it get better than that?”

SHIRLEY MACLAINE is an Oscar-winning Hollywood legend. I always find her interviews incredibly interesting because she tells it like it is with humor and grace. I love this photo of her and Dean Martin who she had a crush on…for like…six weeks. Such a cool life–sister to Warren Beatty, dancing with Bob Fosse, and hanging with the Rat Pack. Can’t wait to see her in Downton Abbey when it returns in January.

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