Maintain the Sexy, Sexy in Your Marriage

date nightOver the holidays, my girlfriends and I were discussing secrets to a happy marriage and the ways we work to prevent boredom and conscious uncoupling. Of course, no two marriages are the same and personalities differ, but here are some of the cool ways we maintain the sexy, sexy in our marriages.

  • Leave love notes on the bathroom mirror or in his car.
  • Send a sexy text message weekly, if not daily.
  • Invite him to meet you at a local hotel, then greet him at the door with very little on.
  • Upgrade dinner and a movie at home. Set up a picnic on the living room floor and watch a romantic movie.
  • Spend lazy Sunday mornings in bed.
  • Practice PDAs. Hold hands. Flirt. Rest your hand on his thigh.
  • Plan unique adventures like hot air ballooning or horseback riding for the two of you.
  • Game Night! Play a provocative game of strip poker.
  • Kiss and hug each other everyday.
  • Schedule each other for lunch. If you both work near home, just meet at home for an afternoon delight!
  • Drive to a nearby beach, lake or river to relax and plan your lives together.
  • Pack your bags for a weekend getaway in a nearby city.
  • Renew your vows in Las Vegas with Elvis officiating. Don’t forget the video!
  • During date nights, always turn off cellphones and focus on each other.
  • Keep a list of nice things he does, when the list reaches ten, send him a thank you note with all the ways he made your life better.
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