The Recipe for a Good Life

Well, it’s official…my Hubby thinks I’ve lost my mind.

I’ve been clearing out clothes drawers, recycling magazines, cleaning out office filing cabinets and kitchen cupboards, deleting email accounts of folks I haven’t heard from in years and I even organized the trunk of my car…clearing the mechanism is tough work, but I’m attacking with gusto!

I keep saying to him: In order to receive, you have to be willing to lighten the load.

My Hubby just peers up from his iPad, glances at me in full-speed mode, shakes his head and continues watching ESPN. He did put his foot down when I attempted to re-organize his closet, but have no doubt I will prevail! After all, it’s all going to Goodwill.

Since we’re cruising into the last weekend of 2012, I thought I’d leave you with this charming recipe for a good life courtesy of The G.O.A.T.: Muhammad Ali.

Take a few cups of kindness
One dash of humanity
One sprinkle of laughter
One teaspoon of patience
One tablespoon of generosity
One pint of forgiveness
One quart of love
And a gallon of faith
Mix in determination and add lots of courage;
Stir it up well, spread it over the span of your lifetime,
And serve it to each and every person you meet.

For more inspiration, consider Muhammad Ali’s The Soul of a Butterfly:

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