At Home with Rebecca Körner

“Interior design has always been a personal passion, where I’ve been mishmashing parts of my life and travels together.”

I didn’t know much about REBECCA KÖRNER when I came across her London home in the November issue of Vogue Living, but I definitely love her style. Apparently she’s the heir to an Australian beauty company, but after the birth of her children Rebecca started nesting and soon after friends were asking her for design advice, so she started an interior design business.

I would’ve loved showing you a full view of her dining room-library which showcased art by Fernand Léger and a gorgeous burr oak and ebony dining table that Rebecca designed, but the image in Vogue Living showed only one side.

WHAT I LOVE: You can’t really tell in this photo, but the drawing room walls are an ice blue shade that Rebecca calls sugar-almond blue that she achieved by mixing several Farrow + Ball paints. I love the Paris flea market arm chairs covered in Tessitura di Rovezzano linen + Herve van Straeten gold tabourets + the artwork by Federico Herrero over the mantel.

WHAT I LOVE: Re-purposed Fortune magazines + St. Barts boat replica + Egyptian camel’s blanket used a rug.

WHAT I LOVE: Triple mirrors + 1930s furniture + Neutral linens

WHAT I LOVE: Heavy bronze doors + Pierre Paulin pumpkin chairs + ottomans.

Photos: James McDonald/Vogue Living

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