BFFs Know Best

Listen To: S’Wonderful

Years ago, one of my ride or die girlfriends was at a party and the host was playing DIANA KRALL in heavy rotation when my girlfriend finally asked: Who the heck is that? Her voice is amaaaazing!

The next day she walked into my office and placed a piece of notepaper on my desk and walked out. The note said simply: Alright Music Junkie…check out Diana Krall.

Fast forward to Christmas several years later when another close friend gave us this CD of DIANA performing live at the Olympia Theater in Paris as a Christmas gift with a note saying simply: You’re going to LOVE this CD!

Well…I usually dislike live recordings, seriously, I’ve just never liked them, so it took me more than a few weeks months to listen to it. Then, one lazy Sunday morning, I put Live in Paris in rotation with some other smokey torch singers like Nora Jones and Heather Headley and…the rest is history. I LOVE this CD! It’s been a constant for over a decade now and it’s time I shared DIANA’S brilliance with you.

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