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Wise women will tell you that as soon as you begin to clean up your life, “stuff” will come up, maybe “stuff’ has been surpressed all these years, or maybe folks you thought were friends showed their true stripes, or you realize that love doesn’t always last forever, but no matter, “stuff” will come up.

The “stuff” are just roadblocks that need to cleared away once and for all. The good news is you will survive and be stronger for having endured all the “stuff” life throws at you. So, don’t give up. Remember it’s perfectly fine to remove unsupportive people and toxic things from your life. Just stay strong and keep moving forward.

A new year beckons and with it new and exciting adventures. Remember you’ve got a whopping 525,600 minutes to get it right. So, join me, won’t you? Let’s kick ass together in 2014! And while we’re at it, let’s bring along a few friends for the ride. Naysayers and fake folks step aside, we’re about to smash it!

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