Chic in Calgary


I haven’t been in much of a design mood lately because I knew that the daunting task of finding a new home in DC was just around the corner and soon enough I’d be in the throws of art galleries, design shops, fabric swatches, paint chips and contractor headaches. Our real estate agent has shown us some beautiful places, but they were so very different in age, layout and location that my design file is a mixed bag.

When I need design inspiration there are a few designers I turn to and NAM DANG MITCHELL is one of them. Nam has incredible personal style and if she didn’t live in Calgary, Nam would definitely be in my top 3 to help us design our new home.

We’ve all drooled over Nam’s home in Calgary and her interview remains one of Zavvi Rodaine’s most popular, so here’s a show house Nam designed in that luxe, yet livable style that’s become her signature.







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