The Met in Venice

CHEF: Luca Veritti
Riva degli Schiavoni, 4149
Hotel Metropole
Michelin Stars: 1*

There’s nothing better than strolling along the canal in VENICE at sunset only to arrive at the HOTEL METROPOLE — a legendary hotel — where the likes of Sigmund Freud and Marcel Proust once stayed. Of course, we were there to dine at the newly awarded Michelin-star restaurant simply called THE MET.

In the U.S., most of us shy away from hotel restaurants, but in Europe, especially in Italy, that would be a huge mistake because some of the world’s best chefs are at the helm, and THE MET is no exception. The menu offers guests the choice of traditional Venetian dishes or the same ingredients prepared in a contemporary version. With a daily catch of fresh seafood from Rialto market and seasonal vegetables from the Venetian countryside, it’s difficult for Chef Veritti’s menu to miss.

Prepared with an array of spices, textures and surprising colors each dish was interesting in its concept and presentation. Several dishes intrigued the palette with subtle flavors while others were presented with lots of color and complex seasonings. The dinner was filled with highs and lows, creativity and complexity, so, grading on a curve, most dishes were a success.

Set in a dark and intimate room far removed from the nightlife on Piazza San Marco, THE MET offered attentive service characteristic of grand hotels making it worthy of consideration for a romantic night out in Venice.

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