Cleopatra’s Beauty Secret

cleopatras secret irving pennEgyptian goddess CLEOPATRA was known for her flawless skin and milk + honey baths were her secret weapon. MILK is a gentle exfoliator for the skin due to lactic acid that removes dead skin while moisturizing and leaving you with baby soft skin.

Milk baths are really easy to do: run your bath water, pour in a gallon or two of organic milk or a scoop of organic powdered milk, soak for 15-20 minutes, then hop in the shower to rinse off any leftover residue and follow with a milk-based lotion.

Or you can try milk + yogurt face masks like Aishwarya or these beauty favorites whose primary active ingredient is milk:

Editor’s Note: Zavvi Rodaine has no financial interest in the sale of any products featured, links provided only as a courtesy to ZR readers.

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