Magnolia Girls: “The Wedding”


Double doors of a very large hotel suite open to reveal a suite filled with pre-wedding madness – there are gowns hanging on clothing racks, beautiful floral arrangements scattered about the room, a table full of finger foods, bottles of champagne chilling on ice, tables filled with tons of make-up and hair products.

Through open curtains one can see a balcony and the Washington Monument in the distance. Several girls in the wedding party relaxing on the balcony.

Diptyque candles fill the air with the scent of Jasmine.

Hairstylists, make-up artists, and dressers are prepping the wedding party including Maylee, Collin and Marisa.

ZiZi strides through the double doors confidently.

We hadn’t seen ZiZi since
graduation day, so there was
a thickness in the air
awaiting her arrival.

So, THIS is what an NFL
contract buys you?
It smells incredible in here!

Maylee and Marisa squeal with delight and walk over to hug ZiZi. On the other side of the suite, Collin is having her hair curled while playing Scrabble on her iPhone.

Collin pretends not to notice ZiZi’s arrival, but she’s clearly annoyed as she fidgets in her seat.

You’re gorgeous!


Hey, love. How are you?


I’m good. Really good.
This room is incredible.


Corey spared no expense for Alden
and she could not be happier.

Can you believe Alden
is the first to get married?


When I got the invitation,
I knew that I had to come.

I could not miss this.

Maylee hugs ZiZi again.

It’s been way too long.
We’ve missed you

So, how is life in the ATL?

ZiZi looks passed Marisa to Collin who ignores them all.

Hot. All. The. Damn. Time.
And it feels like college
all over again because
everyone who didn’t stay
in D.C. or move to New York,
moved to Atlanta and I have
to dress up just to go
to the grocery store.

Why don’t you go
over and say hello?

ZiZi shakes her head no and stares at the view outside.

She’s a stranger to me.

The WEDDING PLANNER bursts into the room and walks up to Maylee, Marisa, and ZiZi.

Ladies, have you checked your
dresses and accessories?
Do we need any last minute fittings?

No, everything’s fine. I’m just
waiting my turn for
hair and make-up.

The same for me.
Is it possible to see Alden?

No. She has requested that
you all see her for the first
time walking down the aisle.
She wants to surprise you guys.

(turning toward ZIZI, extending her hand)
I’m sorry. Have we met?

(shaking her hand)I’m Zina Harper.
An old friend of the girls.


Maylee, Collin, and Marisa are lining up with the rest of the WEDDING PARTY for the processional.

ONE VOICE starts to sing Ave Maria.

Corey and Cameron and the other groomsmen take their positions at the altar alongside the MINISTER.

The doors of the sanctuary open, the processional begins.

One by one the wedding party enters the sanctuary.

CLOSE on ZiZi sitting in a large crowd of wedding guests.

Alden and Corey’s wedding would
be the last time either of us
saw or spoke to ZiZi. She walked
into our hotel suite that day
with an air of confidence,
but it was all an act thanks
to one semester of high school
drama class. ZiZi felt like an outsider
at a stranger’s wedding, and
while she was always closest
to Collin, after their falling out,
the two never spoke again.
The rest of us didn’t mind
because our friendship circle
was less crowded and
Collin had more time for us.

As the wedding processional continues, CLOSE on Gabby staring straight ahead determined not to make eye contact with any of her old college buddies.

Gabby was at the wedding because
Cameron was the best man
and he insisted that Gabby
be there for him. Gabby,
of course, still
couldn’t think for herself.

Collin stumbles slightly and completely ignores Cameron when she passes in front of him at the altar.

The doors of the sanctuary close briefly, then open again revealing Alden in a custom couture wedding gown.

The crowd audibly gasps when they see her.

Alden slowly begins her walk down the aisle on the arm of her FATHER.

When Maylee, Collin, and Marisa see her, they start to cry.

Corey is grinning from ear to ear.

Cameron stares at Collin. Gabby notices.

We believed that Alden and
Corey’s marriage would last
forever because Alden loved Corey
just as much as she loved his
NFL contract. And for years they
were on top of the world
and Alden had no problem
batting back the hoochie
mamas. Sadly, Corey’s happiness
was based mostly on his career
success, so when the cheering
begin the wane, well, their
marriage didn’t survive
the seven year itch.


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