Out of the hundreds of books that I have, I own less than a dozen “self-help” books, not because I think I have life figured out, because I don’t, but more because I feel that alot of the stuff written and published is a bunch of crap. However, over the years, there have been several books that have provided lightbulb moments for me, in one way or the other, and I thought I would share them with you. Maybe one of these enlightened reads can provide the direction to make 2011 your best year ever.

MASTERY OF LOVE is one of the best books I’ve ever read on how to maintain healthy, loving relationships without making you feel like you need to hire a counselor to understand the planetary differences between men and women. Don Miguel Ruiz has a way of explaining love and relationships that’s inspiring and do-able.

Anna Quindlen proves that you don’t have to say alot if the message is clear and heartfelt. I’ve given A SHORT GUIDE TO A HAPPY LIFE to every girlfriend that ever mattered to me. (And if you’re reading this, and one of my girls and haven’t received a copy, I still love you!)

I’ve always admired Maria Shriver and although she wrote TEN THINGS for college students, I learned quite a bit from her as an adult. This is the first book in a series that Maria has written on life’s lessons. If I had teenage daughters, I would definitely give them a copy because it’s sound advice for dealing with life in the real world.

WHEN GOD WINKS is the most charming little book of real life stories about how coincidences in life are really guide posts showing you where to go and how to recognize them. After reading this book, I no longer say what a coincidence, but rather I pay close attention to the message being sent.

There are plenty of books written about how to live more prosperously, and how you should write down your goals and dreams, and quite honestly, I think they are the offspring of Louise Hay’s book. YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE offers sound advice about how to stop beating yourself up, how to recognize when you are doing it, and how to make the necessary mental changes to be more positive. I can tell you that a positive mental attitude makes all the difference and no matter how many times you write down your goals, if you haven’t flipped the script in your head, and are not truly believing in yourself, the goals will not be reached. Louise also explains the connection between negative thinking and poor health, and again offers common sense ways to fortify the mind and body connection.

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