Spark Joy

maria-kondo-spark-joyEditor’s Note: Originally published in 2015, with the world in seeming chaos it’s the perfect time to clear out, update and Spark Joy at home.

How you live day-to-day matters — ALOT. I’ve talked about the importance of clearing the mechanism, donating to charity, reducing the negativity, the mind-body connection and now this book by MARIE KONDO offers invaluable decluttering and organizing advice that she says should SPARK JOY and re-charge your life. It’s considered somewhat controversial, I believe, because it forces you to really think about what’s important and to be OK with getting rid of the stuff that clutters your life which is much harder than you think. Most of us just reject the process outright, but I’d encourage you to consider the idea of reducing the stuff you live with because it can change your life.

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