François Catroux

One of my absolute favorite French interior designers is FRANÇOIS CATROUX. The elusive Mr. Catroux designs spaces that are, dare I say, pure Catroux–elegant and timeless–but also reflect the personalities of the owners. And Mr. Catroux brilliantly mixes comfort with glamour for a rather sleek aesthetic that is always livable.

Mr. Catroux got his start in 1967 completing work for Milanese designer Mila Schön when he transformed an old palazzo into a complex of modern boutiques, showrooms and offices for her. However, it was not until an apartment he designed for himself captured the interest of international media that a design star was born.

Since then Mr. Catroux has designed mostly residential interiors for worldly sophisticates and royals like King Hussein of Jordan and Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece and his wife, Marie Chantal, and whenever any of his work is published design enthusiasts pour over every room with an eye on every minute detail.

So, I was over the moon when I picked up the Wall Street Journal Magazine over the weekend and saw that Mr. Catroux’s refurbished Left Bank apartment in Paris was featured. Enjoy!

Photos: François Halard/Wall Street Journal

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    Brian McMahon says:
    March 17, 2012 at 12:01 am

    I just finished reading your article and have to say I think you capture Mr. Catroux’s grace and dignity very well. I am currently working with Monsieur François on a project and love his style.
    I am the general superintendent, as such I have worked with many over the years and few communicate as well.