Michelle Obama

Before becoming our nation’s first lady, MICHELLE OBAMA was a political wife and mother of two young girls juggling a demanding family life and career as a corporate attorney. Like so many successful women, Michelle admittedly struggled to find the right work + life balance and personal time for herself. To inaugurate Share Your Success, here’s a life lesson Michelle embraced to attain an inner peace as shared in O Magazine several years ago.


Going from being an independent professional to being the mother of two kids with a husband in politics, I was feeling like: Where am I in all of this? I was spending a lot of energy focusing on fixing my husband, fixing the way I mother. What I finally recognized is that I wasn’t spending enough time on me. One thing I did was take my diet and exercise into my own hands. It required getting up at 4:30 A.M. and working out and making sure that every day I did something for myself. My happiness isn’t connected to my husband’s or my children’s behavior. You have control over your own actions, your own well-being. And if you spend the energy on that, you get unstuck.


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