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Editor’s Note: Originally published in October 2010, I’ve updated Eco-Chic Living with products I currently use.

I use to feel that my home was not clean unless I smelled ammonia and pine wafting through the air. But after extensive research, I realized that many of those “chemical” smells were not healthy for my family. So I started “greening” my cleaning by testing earth-friendly products to find suitable replacements for my cleaning favorites and I soon realized that some of the best cleaning items were at the dollar store: baking soda, white vinegar, white terry cloths, toothbrushes, scouring pads, and car polishing cloths. But there are some wonderful companies making incredible home keeping alternatives, so I tried those too. My list is not definitive by any means, but represents the actual cleaning products that are in my cabinets right now. I purchase these products again and again because they work brilliantly.


Arm + Hammer baking soda (to freshen carpets)
Earth Friendly furniture polish
Earth Friendly stain + odor remover
E-cloth dusting cloths


Arm + Hammer baking soda
Bon Ami powder cleanser
Cape Cod metal polishing cloths
Earthworm drain cleaner
E-Cloth mop set
Ecover automatic dishwashing powder
Ecover cream scrub
Ecover dishwashing liquid
Ecover dishwasher rinse aid
Flour sack towels
Olive Oil
Scotchbrite Dobie pads
White vinegar


Arm + Hammer baking soda
Earthworm drain cleaner
Earthworm septic system treatment
E-Cloth glass + polishing cloths
Ecover all-purpose cleaner
Ecover cream scrub
White terry cloth towels
White vinegar


Ecover stain remover stick (an absolute essential)
Whole Foods 365 fabric softening dryer sheets
Whole Foods 365 HE laundry detergent
Whole Foods 365 oxygen whitening powder

Other Items I Love:
Chemex coffee maker
I’m Not A Paper Cup reusable coffee cup
Sigg beverage bottle

Photos courtesy of Elle Decor | Metropolitan Home | California Closets

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