Ultimate Fourth of July BBQ

brown sugar bourbon ribsEveryone’s going to be firing up the grill this weekend, so here’s our ultimate Fourth of July BBQ menu with a few Southern twists. Let’s get real — traditional BBQs can be kind of boring, so let’s mix it up! Pick one dish or several and make something new for your Fourth festivities. And once everything’s prepped, cooked, and ready to go, set it up buffet style and enjoy the holiday weekend! Click links for recipes.
sweet ice tea


Southern Sweet Tea
Tyler Florence’s Arnold Palmer (crazy good!)
Chilled Bottles of Rosé
Heather Christo’s Strawberry Watermelon Margaritas
Iced Cold Beer

kelsey nixon pickled shrimpMAIN DISHES

Kelsey Nixon’s Pickled Shrimp with Lemon Aioli
Edward Lee’s Gochujang Chicken Wings with White BBQ Sauce
Geoffrey Zakarian Sausage + Pepper Grinders
Chicken + Tarragon Burgers
Baked Baby Back Ribs with Lemon Confit (quick + easy)
Brown Sugar + Bourbon Baby Back Ribs (a bit more consuming)

anne burrell kale caesarSIDE DISHES

Sean Brock’s Pimento Cheese
Alice Waters’ Coleslaw (addicting!)
Sweet Corn Two Ways
Tomato Bruschetta
Sara Foster’s Potato Crisps with Herbs
Anne Burrell’s Kale Caesar Salad


Martha Stewart’s Strawberry Tart
Fruit + Veggie Popsicles
Miss Myra’s Banana Pudding
Grandma’s Vanilla Ice Cream

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