Eat the Season: Grapefruit

Late winter is the perfect time to indulge in GRAPEFRUITS — nature’s answer to what’s juicy, sweet and tart. Grapefruits are really good for you with many health benefits, I have a friend who eats a grapefruit every morning and swears the citrus fruit is the reason she has clear skin. I can’t confirm that, but grapefruits are filled with Vitamins A, C and have a low glycemic index, so they don’t increase blood sugar levels. They also enhance the immune system helping us stave off colds and flu. Eating grapefruits are also believed to increase metabolism, cleanse the liver, and lower cholesterol. Enjoy these recipes all tried, tested and approved.

Grapefruit Sparkling Water
(So easy to make your own)

Warm Grapefruit Tea
(Kind of genius)

Grapefruit + Smoked Trout “Cobb” Salad
(Substitute grilled salmon, if you like)

Scallops with Grapefruit + Bacon

Grapefruit Grilled Chicken
(Sunny Anderson’s recipe gives life to bland chicken breasts.)

Pink Grapefruit Sorbet
(Recipes with and without sugar)

Photos courtesy of Chelsea Kyle, Martha Stewart and Sunny Anderson

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